Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Islamic Facebook “Salamworld” for Muslims prepares to launch

Islamic Facebook “Salamworld” for Muslims prepares to launch
Now a days it is known to all that the King of the Social Networking Media is Facebook. It was launched in 2004. Now it has many millions active users. Using Facebook we can connect throughout the world.
             Now an Islamic Facebook prepares to launch named “Salamworld”. The PR director of Salamworld  is Yavuz Kurt. He said, “There are 250 million Muslim Facebook users who use that site because there is no halal alternative. We will provide this alternative.”
           In this Salamworld we can know everything related with Islam. And also we can make any comments related with Islam, we can add friends, chat with them and also use other applications like Facebook.
           It may be started from October in 17 countries. For details click on http://www.salamworld.com

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